Apr 24

Naomi Leshem in Tel Aviv Museum of Art gallery talk

Naomi Leshem will be participating in a special gallery talk at the exhibition ‘Shmini Azeret‘, Tel Aviv Museum of art, alongside other artists. April 9th 2024, 19:00

Dec 23

Naomi Leshem’s sleepers works are a part of the group exhibition ‘Shmini Azeret’ at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, through 30/3/2024

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Dec 23

Naomi Leshem Is participating in the group exhibition’ Personal space: on Photography and Being’

 at the Norton Museum of Art, Florida, USA through April 2024 To article

Jun 21

Upcoming exhibitions in Germany and France

In October 2021 the exhibition ‘Photographic Conversations’ will open simultaneously in Germany and France. Link to article in ‘Acher und Bühler Bote’ Link to article in ‘Badisches Tagblatt’    

Apr 20

Naomi Leshem’s ׳Sleepers׳ is featured in an article in the book ׳Der Imaginäre Blick, Beso Uznadzes Porträts׳ by Eteri Kiknadze

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