Centered- The book

Hardcover | 67 pages | ISBN 978-965-555-722-0


…Centered is comprised of ten photographs, each with a solitary figure – five male, five female – placed by Leshem in a challenging situation. Each one confronts and copes with this difficult position by seeking his or her own sense of order and well-being. In other words, the individuals pictured in these photographs find a way to be centered, both mentally and physically.

All ten photographs in the series are set in Israel. Is this critical to our understanding of the images? The artist traveled around the world, posing this question to strangers, who then wrote their responses and impressions in their native language, by hand. We need not try to decipher these texts, Rorschach-like in their differing forms and shapes, to appreciate that these viewers took the time to unpack and understand what these photographs are all about…

Andrea Meislin