May 18

Naomi Leshem’s works at the Jewish Museum, Casale Monferrato, Italy

Naomi Leshem’s series Lizette will be a part of the show Tzurah, Sguardi dentro Israele, at the Jewish Museum, Casale Monferrato, Italy. Opening May 27th. Link to Museum website

May 18

Naomi Leshem in a new solo exhibition

Ein Gvul; Naomi Leshem’s new solo exhibition will open May 24th at Ncontemporary Gallery, Milano, Italy. Link to gallery website

May 18

Naomi Leshem at Photo London

Naomi Leshem’s works will be presented at Photo London by Ncontemporary Gallery. May 17th-19th.  Link to website

Nov 17

Naomi Leshem at OPERART exhibition

Naomi Leshem’s work, ‘Dido and Aeneas’, takes part in the group exhibition OPERART- a unique collaboration between the Israel Opera Tel-Aviv and seven known Israeli art-photographers. Link to the Israel Opera Tel-Aviv website

May 17

Naomi Leshem’s Lizette on view at the Israel Museum Jerusalem

Naomi Leshem’s series ‘Lizette’ is on view at the Israel Museum Jerusalem, Through May 2018. Link to website